Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Getting the hang of this!

There is a lot of food that I cannot eat. The carb foods (there is a lot out there) do not go down very well. Maccas is no longer a place where I could eat anything and everything. Nope - those days have gone. I drink their coffee. Full stop, that's it. Everything else is carbs and/or fried and so these are the days of my life!

I ate a chicken kiev for tea tonight.  It was delicious and I ate too much and am now regretting it but oh yum!

My day now looks like the following:

Breakfast - 1/3 cup of muesli with skim milk
Morning tea - 1/2 crisp bread with 1 slice of light cheese
Lunch - 3 slices of ham with hommus
Afternoon tea - 1/2 crisp bread with 1 slice of light cheese
Tea - whatever meat 1/3 cup
Dessert - milo and 1 tablespoon almonds

I feel better now that I am into a routine - and hey the weight is falling off. No regrets!

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  1. Yay! Great Routine! I am a new follower, I found you off another bandster's blog. I look forward to reading further. *Maria*~DiZneDiVa: Confessions of a Cupcake Addict, follow me at