Friday, 20 April 2012

When does someone say enough is enough? Does everyone get to that point?

When does someone look in the mirror and think 'ok, enough is enough. I have to do something about my weight.' Are there people who honestly live in ignorant bliss for their entire lives and cannot see that their body is simply too big?

I have been watching a show on YouTube called SUPER SKINNY VS SUPER SIZE. It is about the extreme eating habits of large and small people and then getting 2 people from each size to swap diets for 5 days. It amazes me how the super size person is happily eating HUGE amounts of food per meal and yet they cannot understand why they are the size they are.

I know of someone who is extremely large (and getting bigger) and yet this person eats absolute rubbish and eats foods that even as a large person, I would never have eaten as they are so high in fat and sugar that you would need a medical team to sit beside you whilst you ate it. And yet, this person thinks they look great. Petite even. Weight related health problems have already started and yet this is not been taken seriously.

Everyone who is on the blog has gone through or is going to go through WLS. However it still amazes me how some people have no self confidence at all and yet there are some enormous people who appear to be ok.

I think we need to lack of self confidence to get going in the right direction. As the person I know will only get larger and sicker. Self confidence seems to have a good side and a bad side.


  1. I think what you see in these bigger people is a facade. I have found that MANY of us former fatties (and yes, I'm including myself in that group even though I haven't made goal weight yet...wanna make something of it?? LOL) that we tried to be the "funny one," the "smart one," the "confident one," the "friendly one" in order to make up for our size. Some people may have reverse body dysmorphic disorder where they see themselve thinner than they are. I had this problem. I knew I was overweight but didn't realize I was THAT overweight until I saw pictures.