Saturday, 7 April 2012

Gastric Sleeve Update

It is the weirdest feeling - not to be hungry. I look at the amount I eat in a day and I am not hungry. For those who did not know, when they are removing your stomach, the hunger sensors are also removed. therefore you do not get hungry. My family was a bit worried about this. Their main concern was that this could be dangerous. However although I do not feel hungry there is a funny sort of 'empty/hollow' feeling around meal time. Although I can easily get past this and simply grab a glass of water, it is a good little alarm bell to tell me that it is time to snack on something.

I have now lost 13.9 kg (30.65 pounds) in approx. 4 weeks. I feel great. My jeans no longer fit me and I am looking for clothes to get me through this, without looking completely daggy. What a terrible problem to have! LOL