Monday, 2 April 2012


Before I begin, I just want to say that what I am about to write is not to say one method is better than the other. Far from it. I am simply saying when choosing a weight loss method, I choose the sleeve. Everyone is different. Families, recovery times, reversible or not, etc. etc. factors into the decision made for everyone. 

But having said that ... phew! ... This is why I chose the sleeve.

I was given a choice between the band and the sleeve. These are the SOME of the points the doctor put forward.

The sleeve is not reversible - I was fine with that. I did not want to reverse it. I have had problems with my weight my entire life and now was the time to find a suitable method and live with it. I was not sure in myself (crystal ball time) if when the time came and I had the band removed, that I would be able to stick with the proper choices or that I would slip back into my old ways.

Recovery time is longer - Yep I am going through that now. True it is not a walk in the park BUT I am getting through it. I'll live and I know that every day becomes easier and what I am going through now is just that - only going to be now. I can't go through it again! (Gee what a whimp!)

It is major surgery and that can bring some terrible complications - True. The doctor went over all of the things that could go wrong BUT the idea of staying fat and getting fatter as I got older was also dangerous.

It is not an ongoing concern - I have to see the doctor and his staff at least once a month for a year but after that I am a free woman. With kids, work and not living close to the clinic I did not want ongoing trips.

When I was in pre-op, a lady was having the band and she was talking about her reasons for that choice and it was totally understandable in her position. You only have to look on the net to see peoples fantastic results from various types of surgery.

It is serious surgery, there is no denying that and when a piece of paper is put down in front of you with all of the complications that can arise - mmmmmm it looks a little daunting. However I have gone though with it and so far have no regrets. I now have to adjust to my new life and that is what it will be as all prior eating habits are out the window - for life. Let's just hope it made the life a bit longer!

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  1. I agree that each person is different and must choose whatever they think is right fo rthem. My insurance didn't cover the sleeve, just band and bypass so my decision was made for me. :)