Sunday, 1 April 2012


I AM BACK! I MADE IT! ...... just

Wow I cannot believe the surgery is done and I am at home with a feast of medications before me - what a glamorous life I lead.

So I had the gastric sleeve and was in hospital for 3 nights. It was a private hospital and it was all very cushy and the staff were fantastic HOWEVER the indigestion was horrendous!

The doctor pumps gas into you so that he can see what he is doing - why the hell he cannot stick that blower onto suck and suck it all out again is beyond me. The pain was terrible for the entire time and I am still getting bouts of it now.

The hospital stay was interesting. There was 2 sleeve patients and 1 band patient for the same doctor on the same ward and we became quite chatty and did our walks through the hospital together pushing our IV poles with our excess blood bags swaying in the wind. Victoria Secret models look out!

He said that he wants me to drink my pre-op diet drinks (200+ mls) every meal and 600 mls of water on top of that in a day. Oh I think not! I can barely take 10 mls of panadol without feeling I have had eaten a Christmas dinner. But like a trooper I try....

The meal replacement drinks are tasting worse now than they ever have but I had a drink of apple juice today - oh the taste! It was like nothing I had ever experienced before - yum.

My family are a bit worried at how little I am consuming. I am trying and there are still a lot of meds running through my system that don't make you feel too great. But as time goes on I will get there.

Would I do it over again? To be honest - the way I felt in the hospital, absolutely not. I thought I was going to die. In fact the clock in front of me at one stage read 2.14pm and so I declared "and time of death is 2.14" - BUT as time goes on and the weight comes off I will be happy. Sort of like childbirth you forget the pain when you see the result. Mind you, at least with the sleeve it is a one off never to be repeated experience - huge relief!