Sunday, 4 March 2012

Ahh Clothes! Ahh damn a wedding!

When at the shops I may have glimpsed once or twice at the clothes section - the 'non-fat' department. The stuff in the front of the shop and not the fat gear hidden in the back corner! Which when you see the news and they say "we are all getting fatter" - why do they hide the bigger clothes? You would think that the stores would make a bit of money out of that section. Anyway ... I was thinking thin thoughts and then it came. A wedding invitation. NOOOOO!!!! I want to be thin and attend. I want to spend the money on a nice dress not a car cover with arm holes. Bugger! So I have to spend money on a dress that I don't want in order to go to this wedding. I can't get out of the wedding - it's family! One of those weddings where there will be relatives that you would just love to walk past, having dropped a lot of weight and look great. Having been the victim of their little snide remarks that are said 'because they love you'. Yeah right!
I know - I am venting. But I thought if anyone would understand it is my fellow bloggers and if they don't then I might look at some serious psychiatric help! Oh dear!

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  1. Good luck with your dilemma, I know families can be tough to deal with.