Friday, 16 March 2012

X-Ray - Check, Ultrasound - Check

So today  I waddled off to the hospital for my ultrasound and x-ray. It started well - I found a car spot! As many of you know, finding a car spot in a hospital car park is like winning lotto. Well, I found one. Then I continued to waddle (notice at this point we waddle, it will turn to a run/glide/slide/float when the weight comes off) into diagnostics and all went well. That stuff they make you drink - yuk. Tastes like chalk and is the consistency of mud. Then the x-ray machine tipped me upside down to see if I had any reflux from the chalk mud. I could feel myself sliding off. But hey - 1 hour and 10 minutes and I was out of there. Not bad considering these places can often leave you till you have watched every morning talk show that is on the large plasma in the waiting room.

As for those &$%#* diet bars! I am sick to death of them. There is no way I am coming off this diet - but oh blimey! SO next Friday 23rd I see the surgeon one last time before surgery to go through all of my test results and fill out hospital admission forms.

So while I was youtubing last night I came across a show called 'Big Meets Bigger' - OMG! This show is a great one to watch if you need encouragement to lose weight.

It had two ladies from the U.S in the South. One weighed about 38 stone. It showed how her weight has taken over her life - not that she is helping herself now - but it shows just how bad things can get.

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  1. Glad to see everything is going smoothly for you :o)