Friday, 23 March 2012


O.K ooooooo it is getting close now! Went to the surgeon on Friday and he was really happy with my pre-op weight loss (8 kg in 2 weeks).

I filled in the huge amount of hospital forms and I am ready to roll........

The surgeon was explaining the surgery and mentioned that I will be the lucky recipient of 2 surgical stockings! Oh that is high fashion. So unimpressed I wanted to know where the fairness was in that. After all I was giving him 90% of my wonderful stomach and what do I get in return --- 2 surgical stockings. He just laughed!

I will be in the hospital for 3 nights. My friends think that would be like a holiday and I should just lie back and relax. So I will take my laptop and do my blogging from the beside. Photos too!

He said that he would expect me to lose about 10kg in the first 2 weeks. Just wondering how much 90% of your stomach would weigh?????

Next time .... will be via the hospital bed ....

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  1. Oh those stockings really must do it for surgeons. My surgeon even adjusted mine because apparantly I wasn't wearing them how he like it ...