Sunday, 11 March 2012

Blood Tests and ECG

  Got on the scales this morning and have lost 4.2 kg over 3 days. Pretty happy with this. SO off for some blood tests this morning in preparation for the big day (28th March). They took 9 test tubes of blood then did an ECG. I was a bit worried when she got nine tubes out. My veins often die during a blood test and so they usually have to dig for my blood. However with all the water I am now drinking I was ok - I flowed like the Nile :)

It was about 10am when I got home and I was not hungry as I had to fast for the blood tests. The water had filled me up so I just hung on till lunch time to eat my first bar. Friday is my x-ray and Ultrasound.

I am surviving and feeling better than I thought. Thank you so much to everyone who has written in - you are all so supportive - I really do appreciate it.


  1. I was worried about all the tubes too! But it is so worth it! Blessings!!!!

  2. Makes you wonder if they leave any blood in your arm :o)