Monday, 19 March 2012


I cannot tolerate diet bars first thing in the morning. I cannot eat chocolate first thing in the morning (Easter excluded - Hey I will eat chocolate for religion!). SO .. I looked up the calorie content in the bars and then the calories in 2 boiled eggs - the eggs are over 100 calories less. So I headed to the kitchen and boiled 2 eggs and had that for brekky. YUM! I love eggs so that was great with me. I only had the eggs, nothing else. I understand that the bars have other nutritious stuff in them, however I needed something else and eggs ended up being lower in calories anyway.

I also bought the banana diet shake. It does not taste like banana. It takes like .............pancake mixture. I was not impressed but these things are $30 for 8 sachets - so I will finish them.

I am not weighing myself at the moment. It is that time of the month and nothing seems to be moving. I know I am not gaining so I thought it was best to wait a week. Some days I barely eat anything. By the time I finished my scans and blood tests etc., I skip breakfast and wait for lunch, by that time I grab a bar and head out the door to do other bits and pieces and dinner is a bar and a cup of vegetables. Plus water water water water.

Getting there. Bring on surgery. Even if it is just to get off these diet bars!

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  1. Well done for making the low calorie choice.