Thursday, 1 March 2012


Why did you all decide to go with the lapband? Was there a particular reason as to why you did not chose the gastric sleeve? Was it an option?

When I see the surgeon on the 8th March, he does both procedures and I have been reading about both and just want some insight as to what both procedures offer. I was hoping that people could tell me what they have heard and if you did have a choice, are you happy with what you finally decided?


  1. I actually initially wanted the sleeve. I wasn't a candidate for the surgery because I have Barrett's esophagus (a pre cancerous condition). I knew I didn't want bypass, so that left me with lapband. I am happy with my decision and have not regretted it. I know I would have lost weight faster with the bypass, but I didn't like the thought of having things cut and rerouted in my body.

  2. Yeh I agree. The bypass sounds really radical.

  3. I was going to get bypass, but I used up a lot of sick time with pneumonia several months before surgery, so I went with the band instead because the hospital time was less. Also, even people I know who were very successful with bypass had to have some additional hospitalization. I'm glad I had the band because it has fewer food restrictions than bypass (dumping, malabsorption issues, and my doctor limits coffee for bypass patients). The downside with the band is that I get stuck with a lot of foods, and unfortunately some "bad" foods go down easy.