Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Would everyone please let me know what do you do when you are craving for something sweet? Is there one particular thing that you have or is it whatever is around? I was wondering, since most of you have had the band surgery and many seem to know the calorie content in everything, what you do when you get 'the urge'?


  1. I try and keep some candied nuts around or yummy yogurt. Sometimes I just have what I'm craving , just not very much. Just know what you are eating. Be very aware of the calories in it and know that the more you induldge the less weight you'll lose that week, or the slower overall. This is for life. Find your balance.

  2. Such a good question!!! I too would like to know!!! I get a teaspoon of peanutbutter...I need to go get the better then peanutbutter stuff that I have not yet Purchased only heard about...but For now I find it is not the healthiest choice but it sure does the trick when all I want is sugar and chocolate....I teaspoon of skippy (full of sugar I know) is 95 calories...I really need to go get the better then peanutbutter!!!

  3. Type O 1 tablespoon not teaspoon...not much better I know!!;)