Monday, 20 February 2012

Tips and Bits
If anyone out there has any tips or bits of information (or if you have any questions yourself) about going through the Lap Band journey that they would like to share then please do! Sometimes it is the tricks you pick up along the way that really help you. 



  1. Hey there! LBG sent me to check you out! hang in there, its a long road, but one worth traveling. I have found the blogs very helpful. But I also like They have a lot of helpful things to read, a store to buy protein stuff from and the forums are great to read too. I also have a blog at

  2. welcome! LBG sent me too.

    1. Take pics and measurements every week or two. I didn't and I wish I had.
    2. Don't count on the band. Count on yourself! Your mind is going to get you through this. Be proactive and portion and plan every meal ahead of time.
    3. Be honest with yourself, even when it sucks because accountability is going to get your ass back on that wagon if you shall fall off.
    4. Don't be afraid to be wise in the use of your resources. There are some wonderful bandsters out there who will help with anything!

    1. Hi there!! I was banded on the 24th of January 2012, and reading your entries has taken me back to only a few weeks ago when I was where you are now. I am due for my first fill on the 5th of March. I'm freaking out!!

      I started blogging a year before my surgery, because I had to wait for my insurance to kick-in. I have to say that the one thing I want to say to you is this: You will get through this. You wil get through the surgery and the liquid stage and the puree stage and the mushie stage. You can and will do this!