Sunday, 26 February 2012

I saw a coffee commercial! Aaaggghhhh

Thanks to everyone for their comments. A lot of people said that they did not have to let go of their coffee. That is good to hear. But I am in day 2 now so what the heck lets see how far we can go - cold turkey off the caffeine. I was good this morning - hey how hard can kicking caffeine be. Then I saw a Nescafe commercial - the large mug with steaming hot coffee - mmmmmm! How pathetic am I.

My family wants to catch a plane to do a family reunion. I hate flying. It is not natural. This is a typical flight for me.

  • The attendant is showing everyone where the safety vests are located - I am eyeing everyones safety vest. Darlin' if this baby is going down I am not taking just one vest I am building myself a raft of vests!
  • I count the rows to the exit door (don't pretend you don't all do it too!) and how many people I have to throw out of my way to get to the door.
  • The attendant smiles, even when she is terrified - don't let the smile fool you!
  • I hate flying over water. I don't like option B to be 'eaten by shark'.

So me flying and no coffee - gee people will be queuing up to sit next to me. Just hold to your vest!


  1. Do you not fly with your own parachute? Just kidding! I do agree there is something not quite right about it, but I don't mind it as much as some other things. If you consider how much training pilots get compared to drivers, you probably are much safer in a plane than on a motorway with all the other numpties.

  2. I live for coffee!! It has been a big part of my lap band life, just sayin'!
    Anyway: good luck and keep on posting-- welcome to the new world of banded blogging. Check out my blog anytime, I have been banded for 0ver 2 years.

  3. I came over from Lap Band Gal. I can't imagine life without coffee. My doctor puts no limits on coffee for lap-banders, just his RNY patients. Good luck with your pre-op, op and post-op.