Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I failed - I have had coffee and feel good. I need the coffee. My kids need me to have my coffee. As the saying goes 'If Mum is happy, then everybody is happy' - oh so true!

I have been reading everyones blogs - hi everyone! - and I think you are all amazing with your strength and determination. I am so glad I am blogging. I have never been a blogger but I think that when it comes to such a dramatic life changing procedure, it helps to be able to chat to people who have been through it.

The time passing until my appointment to see the surgeon (8th March) is only making me more determined to do this.


  1. I've been banded for 8 months now, and I have 2-4 shots of espresso every single day. If you need the coffee, girl, do what you gotta do! I'm not a medical professional by any means, but there are other things to worry about besides a cup or two of coffee a day, in my opinion. Just my two cents worth - your appointment is next week! SO exciting!

  2. I haven't been been banded yet, but my mom was in 2008 and she has no troubles with coffee - thank goodness because I don't want to give it up!